Once thought to be the only industry protected from economic downturns, funeral home owners are now having to rethink things. With alternative funerals and post-death ceremonies on the rise, “classic” funeral homes are now looking for solutions to their cash flow problems.

There Are Still Ways To Be Successful In Today’s Funeral Climate

You may think that a rise in cremations is the primary cause. But it isn’t only cremations that are contributing to these problems. A lack of education for those left behind, a lack of modern services provided, and a shortage of funds among families are all reasons funeral homes are seeing a decline in revenue. How can a funeral home address these problems?

It is important to note that a cremation does not mean lack of funeral home assistance. It is common for those that choose cremation to still request additional services (e.g. memorial service, viewing, interment, keepsakes, etc.). This is where your funeral home can step in and provide support, and secure some revenue alongside the cremation.

Many people stuck with the planning of a loved one’s funeral have not been in this situation before. When this is the case, it is left up to the funeral home to provide some education. What services do you offer that may not be known to the general public?  What are the benefits of a service above the basic package?  This is when you should be selling yourself, and securing some additional revenue. This can also be accomplished by offering an alternative funding option, and by sharing some testimonies of people before them.

Often those left with the planning are unable to pay for the services at the time they are offered.  This can be one of the major reasons they choose to go with cremation or choose to forego a service altogether. Your funeral home can step in and provide a solution here. Perhaps you should be offering an alternative funding option?

In addition to quick funding, TP Financial plays another important role. We deal with the insurance companies directly, so that your clients can focus on the planning of their funeral (and you can focus on operating your business). We take the biggest headache and strain out of the equation so your families are able to deal with their tragedy, and forget about the problems of funding.

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