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How fast will I receive funding/payment after submitting a claim?

You can expect to be paid within 24 hours of the verification of the life insurance. We verify the life insurance policy as soon as possible. When we receive the assignment/reassignment, death certificate and claim form from you, you will normally be paid the same day.

How does the funeral home/cemetery receive payment?

Most funeral homes/cemeteries receive payment via ACH.

How do I know when I have been paid?

We will email or fax a confirmation as soon as our payment to you has been completed.

Do you require a death certificate in order for me to be paid?

No, not normally. A certified death certificate for most claims is not required before you receive payment. However, some insurance companies do require a copy of the death certificate before they will verify benefits. Please mail a certified death certificate to us as soon as it is available.

Does the funeral home / cemetery need to mail all original assignments and paperwork?

Yes. Please mail all original paperwork to TP Financial immediately after your funding confirmation has been received..

If I submit multiple insurance company policies on the same deceased, do I need to send more than one original death certificate?

Yes. Mail a death certificate for each insurance company that you are assigning to TP Financial.

If the family is receiving proceeds above the funeral costs that have not been assigned to TP FInancial, when will they receive their insurance money?

The family will receive a check from the insurance company when the claim is completed. It will normally take a life insurance company 30-90 days to issue payment.

How does the family receive payment from TP Financial for funds above the funeral and related costs?

A check payable to the beneficiary is mailed to the funeral home to present to the family

Why are copies of beneficiaries’ driver’s license sometimes requested?

Insurance companies may question a person’s name or their signature. By having a copy of the driver’s license, the insurance company can easily verify that information.

The deceased did not list a beneficiary on their policy. How is this handled by the insurance company?

If no beneficiary was listed, the benefit will go to the deceased’s estate or trust. These types of claims require more paperwork and take longer to process.

The beneficiary on a policy is the deceased’s ex-spouse. Can he/she still collect benefits?

Divorce can create problems when it comes to insurance policies. Some states provide that divorce automatically revokes the beneficiary designation but others do not. It is best to have confirmed on a case by case basis.

Our assignment was verified for an amount lower than the policy amount. What could cause this?

The most common reason is that the premiums on the policy are past due or a loan was taken out on the policy that has not been repaid.

Should forms be signed in black or blue ink?

Both are acceptable but when forms are signed in black ink it can be hard for an insurance company to verify whether the form is an original, which can lead them to delays. Blue ink is harder to reproduce and perhaps a better option.