According to a US bank study, 82% of businesses fail due to poor cash flow.  Not because of their service capabilities, but because they had a cash flow problem.  Cash flow is the grease that turns the wheels of small businesses, allowing them to run smoothly.

Why do funeral homes struggle with cash flow?

The Problem

When someone passes, the family often assumes that with a life insurance policy there should be no problem when it comes time to plan the funeral service.  Even with an assigned policy, funeral providers are still often burdened with floating the cost of funeral services until the life insurance company pays the death benefit.  Unfortunately, most insurance companies require over a month to process a claim.

Funeral home vendors have tightened credit terms and shortened repayment timelines across the country, resulting in inventory supply problems for owners. Since products like vaults and caskets cost thousands of dollars, many firms have turned to credit cards to make payment on time.  This leaves little breathing room and seriously strains the funeral home’s daily operations.

Changing Trends Haven’t Helped

At the same time, there’s been a shift in how Americans view funerals.  The number of cremations have been rising, while the number of traditional funerals (and merchandise sales) have been dropping.  These trends contribute to the problems facing independent funeral homes.  Many funeral homes have responded to these trends by replacing full-time personnel with part-time staff or reducing equipment and overhead costs.

Cash Flow Solutions

Funding companies help directors resolve their cash flow problems. TP Financial, a leader in funeral insurance funding, assists directors with assignments and provides funding solutions. The company’s funding program allows directors to receive payment the SAME DAY OF VERIFICATION instead of waiting weeks to collect from insurance companies.  This reduces funeral homes’ accounts receivable and enables directors to focus on more important things.

Make Life Easier!

TP Financial’s funding process is quick and easy.  Funeral home customers can log in to the customer portal anytime, 24-7, to submit a new claim, check claim status, run financial reports, etc.  Paperwork and forms are readily accessible, and all personal information is kept private.


Get peace of mind for your company by getting paid immediately!


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