Every funeral homeowner knows that the number of people opting for cremation over traditional funeral homes is on the rise. Those cremations are lowering funeral home revenue and putting small business owners at risk. However, it appears that cremations are not the only funeral alternative to be concerned about. Young people and counterculture individuals are opting for services that range from turning their corpse into a future tree, to shooting their ashes into space after their passing.

1. Diamond Ring

Many companies have now made it possible for you to turn your ashes into diamond jewelry. One company, Life Gem, believes that their service aides the grieving process and gives families something to look forward to. For prices that are comparable to modern funerals, families can now have a family heirloom that will last for generations.

2. Future Tree

Another company, The Living Urn, has spent years working with scientists and arborists to create the perfect tree memorial. With their system, you insert the remains of a loved one into their biodegradable urn and plant the tree sapling they’ve sent to you on top of it. They have a variety of trees to choose from, including maple, dogwood, willow, oak, and even bonsai if you prefer to keep the tree in your home. Much like the ring option, The Living Urn claims their method of Tree Burial allows families to honor the memories of loved ones and keep them present in our lives.

3. Fungi Suit

You may have heard of the first two options, but this next one is a bit different. Thanks to new green funeral tech startup Coeio, it is now possible to be buried in an “Infinity Burial Suit”. This is a suit made primarily of mushrooms, but also includes other microorganisms that aid in decomposition. This suit is capable of cleansing the body and soil of toxins, delivering nutrients from the body to the surrounding plants, and restarting life around the body faster than normal. They even offer two different color options!

4. Space Ashes

Probably the most far fetched and modern of the options now available is a “Memorial Spaceflight”. A company called Celestis has been making it possible to send remains into space for over 20 years. They offer a variety of packages with the chance to leave remains orbiting the earth, orbiting the moon, or blasting off into the great unknown. Many of the people that have chosen this option had careers in aerospace fields, but it is certainly not a requirement.

All of these cremation alternatives have a few things in common. First off, many will require the aid of funeral homes. Most individuals seek the help and experience of funeral homes to help guide them down the proper path, even if it is a unique option. Offering these services at your funeral home can increase your revenue. Second, they are all environmentally friendly. Every company mentioned in this article has made the environment a priority and that can be another selling point for you. Finally, all these options still require money. While some may be cheaper than traditional funerals, families will still be required to spend a few thousand dollars. Funeral funding from a third party can be the best way to cover those expenses and simplify the financial processes that follow a death.

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